Wall Panel Laser Projections
  Laser Projection for Nail Binders
  Positioning of gluelam with laser

Prefabricated Components

Laser projection systems for prefabricated components industries


Wall panels

Achieve Better Quality in Less Time. Project stud placement and sub-assembly location on any wall assembly machine for faster build times and improved quality control. Create door and window framing subassemblies quickly without manual measurement. Project stud and opening locations on OSB sheathing for accurate blind nailing. Build square, accurate walls every time – in less time.



Nailed Roof Trusses

With a Truss Projection System from SL-Laser, every setup is simplified with laser light templates. A full scale 1:1 image of each truss is projected on the table to set jigging, chords, webs, and nail plates in sequence. Each truss can be jigged in minutes, saving as much as 70% off your setup times. The more frequent the setup changes, the more labor savings you’ll realize with a laser projection system. From simple common trusses to complex mono scissors, each setup just as easy when you’re just placing lumber to the green laser lines. No more labor standing around while the lead man figures out the setup. Anyone can follow the laser template – even new unskilled workers. Advanced features like management reporting functions and synchronization to AutoSet and other automated jigging systems only enhances the benefits you’ll realize from an SL-Laser truss projection system.



Laminated Roof Trusses

In the production of laminated roof trusses (glulam) the laser system ProDirector projects is used for the alignment of the press bucks and for the projection of the part itself. For long parts there are two options. The use of more projectors in a queue or  laser system on rails The rail systems has defined stop positions and shows at each position the corresponding projection of the part. With that kind of systems it is possible to cover big applications in that area with one ProDirector. Another application is the machining of the ready made glulam. The laser projects the contour of the part. In that case the laser contour is moving through the remote control tot he actual position oft he glulam. The movement, a kind of a offset, is transferred to the machine control.

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