ProDirector XS2 – Mobile Laser Projector for Industry and Trade

  • Especially for confined spaces or quick changes of position
  • The ProDirector XS2 ensures millimetre-precise work without complex templates
  • Used worldwide thanks to perfect quality and ingeniously simple application
  • Use the XS2 on stands or with the optional clamps
  • Perfect work even under challenging circumstances

Laser projectors such as the ProDirector XS2 ensure safe, fast and accurate work with the high-precision projection of CAD-powered laser markings onto workpieces of all kinds. Instead of multi-layered templates, laser projectors enable virtually controlled and contact-free surface processing and tool guidance in 2D or 3D. For the ingenious mode of operation of the ProDirector XS2, the complexity of the moulds, the position of the welding tables or workpieces, the type of materials to be processed or the various layers in the composite area are irrelevant. The ProDirector XS2 makes life easy.

SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-Hauptbild SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-Hauptbild
SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-1 SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-1
SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-2 SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-2
SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-3 SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-3
SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-4 SL-Laser-ProDirector-XS2-4

A mobile laser projector for industry worldwide

With easy-to-learn operation, robust construction and ingenious design, SL Laser’s laser projectors have created a world market for themselves. From concrete formwork to woodworking to the aerospace industry, companies around the world are securing a clear advantage over the competition with the ProDirector XS2 or ProDirector 6. A static or mobile laser projector from SL Laser not only facilitates a multitude of work processes and significantly increases quality. A ProDirector XS2 with laser projection in mobile use also saves a lot of time, labour and material costs. Don’t leave this advantage to others. Take advantage of the benefits of laser projection sooner rather than too late.

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Perfect for changing installation locations or confined spaces.

The ProDirector XS2 is sometimes referred to as the little brother of the legendary ProDirector 6, our laser projector for static use in the production hall or workshop. This is only true insofar as the ProDirector XS2 is actually smaller in size as a laser projector. However, it does not need to shy away from any comparison with its performance as a laser projector. As a compact device, it is completely geared towards mobile use and is thus the ideal complement to the ProDirector 6. The ProDirector XS2 has made itself indispensable with the projection of its laser beams wherever work has to be done, such as in helicopter construction, in the construction of yachts or even wind turbines with changing assembly sites or outdoors.

The same applies to confined spaces. Working in a ship’s hull or in the flight deck of a helicopter requires the highest precision for sometimes hundreds of mounting points. With the ProDirector XS2, the colleague can be sure to find the right positioning with the projection and, if necessary, to carry out the prescribed quality control later with the laser. Put an end to tedious marking out, measuring, aligning and correcting. We will advise you fairly and professionally. Contact us right away! We are here for you.

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ProDirector XS2 - Mobiler Laser-Projektor für Industrie und Handwerk

The mode of operation as ingenious as it is simple

SL Laser projectors work and project according to the same principle. Via a self-explanatory operating software on a computer, your CAD data of the most diverse programmes with prepared interfaces are loaded. Depending on your needs, these data can cover 2D or 3D space. The computer is connected to the projectors e.g. via USB connection. On request, SL Laser also offers special industrial PCs as accessories, which are designed for use with the projectors on construction sites.

After definition and calibration via corresponding reference points, the laser projection can start and displays the required lines, markings, outlines or shapes. By remote control, the progress of the work can be controlled via different layers or shifts. This procedure is particularly recommended for complex components. The performance of the ProDirector XS2 is also impressive when expressed in figures: With a projection area of 4.5m x 4.5m and a distance of 4m, the degree of precision for the laser beam is ± 0.35mm (more data at the bottom of the page).

The usual error margins are drastically reduced and frustrating waiting and retrofitting times are avoided. What sounds complicated to the layman at first is no problem in daily practice and routine. This is already ensured by the training provided by our specialists. Would you like to know more about the ProDirector XS2? Simply get in touch with us. We will answer your questions and provide you with detailed information.

Operating software and training – as practical as it is tailored to you!

If you look for a laser projector for industrial use on the market, you will always come across products from SL Laser. Of course, this is also due to the projectors that have been perfected more and more over the last thirty years. But it is also due to the fact that we, as engineers and technicians, are able to perfectly understand our customers’ initial situation. As a logical consequence, we not only developed software at an early stage that is quickly comprehensible for colleagues from trade and industry and works with all common CAD programmes. We have also developed service packages that are precisely tailored to the situation and needs in your company. Training can take place virtually or on site. Our training experts will visit you on request, assess your needs and starting position and ensure that you can work successfully with the system and its laser projection in the shortest possible time. Both software and training content can be modularly adapted to your work processes and methods. For later questions or set-up assistance, our remote maintenance service is available to support you online. Whether it’s the ProDirector XS2 or the ProDirector 6, with the laser projectors from SL Laser you’ll be playing right at the front!

You landed directly here during your search and are now also interested in information about the ProDirector 6 ? No problem, follow this link and read everything worth knowing about this laser projector.

The ProDirector XS2 in the 2D and 3D world

The projection colour of the ProDirector XS2 is green. A single laser dot is moved at high speed in two directions in such a way that a stationary image is created during projection and positioning. The ProDirector XS2 uses a diode-pumped solid-state laser for projection, which is directed onto the surfaces via two scanner mirrors. The mobile device can project continuously from any direction in the room and thus also allows retrofitting into existing processes. This provides you with a high-quality instrument for laser projection that works for you as a high-precision optical guidance system from vision and development to production and quality control. After only a short training period, you and your employees will no longer want to do without the ProDirector XS2.

In 2D, the ProDirector XS2 is used, for example, for CNC support in woodworking and furniture construction. On the welding table or in the production of concrete parts, the ProDirector XS2 can provide excellent services for displaying inserts or welding spots. In the 2D area, the projection takes place on flat surfaces with a fixed Z-value in each case for different layers. The projection is done according to the call of the layer. In the 3D area, the most important reference points are determined on the drawing and then positioned on the workpieces or surfaces with reflective targets. The laser projector determines its positioning by the reflection of the laser beam when approaching the targets. This procedure is mainly used in aviation and for composite fibre components and is generally recommended for curved surfaces.

The ProDirector XS2 laser projector – a mobile solution

The 2D and 3D laser projectors from SL Laser have proven themselves thousands of times in industry and trade. In general, our customers not only report that their employees are satisfied with the work processes, but can also clearly point to cost optimisation in terms of working time, quality management and material consumption. We would be happy to show you by means of sample calculations that the purchase of a ProDirector 6 or ProDirector XS2, individually or in combination, represents a profitable investment, depending on the type of use. Trust not only in 30 years of experience in the development and training of our laser projectors, trust even more in the feedback of our satisfied customers.

With our worldwide sales and service network, our services are available to you at practically any location. Use laser projection for the performance enhancement that will propel your business forward. Please visit our website to find out about other areas of application for the ProDirector XS2 ( or download our brochure if you need a powerful argumentation aid for your purchase.

System specifications

  • Positioning accuracy
    ± 0.35mm with a projection surface of 4.5 x 4.5m² and 4 m distance (corresponds to 60 °)
  • Projection field
    Horizontal: max. 80° Vertical: max. 70°
  • Laser
    max. output power: 5 mW (opt. 50 mW), red: 635nm laser diode, green: 532nm diode-pumped solid-state laser
  • Laser class
    International: Class 2M according to IEC/EN 60825-1:2015-07 CE -certified, USA: Class IIIa according to 21CFR 1040 (CDRH)
  • Power supply
    80-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions
    Length 336 mm, width 117 mm, height 180 mm, weight 6.5 kg

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