Laser projector ProDirector XS 2 mobile – laser projection for industry

  • High-precision laser projection – mobile and independent
  • The ProDirector XS 2 mobile is small, light and highly mobile.
  • A laser projector for many applications with customised operator software
  • Ingenious in combination with our industrial tablet
  • For fast operations under difficult conditions

We have also specified our ProDirector XS 2 laser projector for mobile use. A powerful industrial battery ensures hours of trouble-free operation on inaccessible construction sites, on wind turbines in the field or on a yacht without an external power supply. With the ProDirector XS 2 mobile laser projector, you are completely independent and can still guarantee fast, clean and highly precise work. Mount the laser projector on the tripod, connect it to the tablet via Bluetooth, calibrate it using reference points and the projection can begin.

Laser projector ProDirector XS 2 mobile - laser projection for industry

A laser projector for mobile applications in many industries

With a little guidance from our training team, the ProDirector XS 2 mobile laser projector will enable you to achieve top performance in speed and precision in no time at all, even in seemingly inaccessible areas. This will inspire your clients. Save yourself tedious marking out, measuring and the laborious creation of templates. Powered by the industrial tablet and controlled by the operator software, the laser projector effortlessly transfers the data from the design CAD to the workpiece or the work surface. This is how first-class laser projection for industry works today.

Whether for layered composite applications, boat building or the interior of a helicopter, with the ProDirector XS 2 mobile you can achieve an accuracy of ± 0.35mm with a projection surface of 20 m² at a distance of up to four metres. With dimensions of less than 34 x 12 x 18 cm and a weight of only 6.5 kg, the ProDirector XS 2 mobile can be set up practically anywhere, because even the tripod is not much larger in dimensions. This means that even the laying of complex cable harnesses or the covering of hundreds of assembly points can be processed without contact, and quality control can be carried out quickly and reliably using the same laser projection technology.

Get in touch right away and find out about the possibilities in your sector, your company and your situation. Our advice is tailored to your industry.

A leading position with ingenious technology and well-trained staff.

If you and your team are frequently called out on such assignments or if you even specialise in them, the ProDirector XS 2 mobile is indispensable for you. In the end, the only things that count for your client are the price, the time required and the quality of your work. With mobile laser projection, you will secure a decisive lead over the competition and will soon have recouped your investment in the laser projector(s). However, the lead will remain and you will be playing right at the front in the future.

Many of these systems on the market suffer from a certain complexity and require intensive knowledge to cope with the operation. When designing the laser projectors, SL Laser focused from the beginning on the fact that the devices can be operated specifically by colleagues in the workshop or outside on the construction site. An important factor in making work fun is reducing the margin for error and thus avoiding frustration. With the laser projection from the ProDirector XS 2 mobile, the sense of achievement increases measurably.

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SL-Laser ProDirector XS2 mobile

The ProDirector XS 2 mobile in many industries

The ProDirector XS 2 mobile is now used in many industries alongside the ProDirector XS 2 and the ProDirector 6. Over the years, we at SL Laser have of course also learned a lot in the field of laser projection for industry. We have adapted the operator software to the requirements of the various industries and provide different versions. Mobile training experts accompany the delivery and set up the device on request. They explain and train the handling of the laser projection in such a way that even the trainee soon has no more problems with it.

In this way, the ProDirector XS 2 mobile laser projector not only gives you a head start with your performance in the company, but also provides you with employees who can transfer their new skills to other areas. Would you like to know more about the ProDirector XS2 mobile? Simply get in touch with us. We will answer your questions about the projectors and provide you with detailed information about our products.

Operating software and training – as practical as it is tailored to you!

The laser projectors from SL Laser have proven themselves in use all over the world and have thus established a certain reputation. This is not only due to the convincing technology and the well thought-out operation. Our developers as well as our technicians know from their own experience what work outside is like for companies and their employees. That’s why we have developed operator software for accurate projection at an early stage, which responds to the requirements of the respective industry in various forms and versions and works together with practically every known CAD programme.

In addition, we offer affordable service packages that include practice-oriented training. This can take place virtually or on site, has proven itself thousands of times and has been optimised further and further. Adapted to the respective work processes, the equipment is quickly brought to bear on the projection at your site. For further questions, emerging problems or discrepancies in the software, we offer quick and cost-effective help with remote maintenance.

The offer of a test installation proves to be a hit in every respect. Often we can run the installation right on the spot, because it goes seamlessly into production. Experience shows that the ProDirector XS 2 mobile in particular is often ordered by companies that want to expand their application possibilities.

SL Laser in worldwide use

The success story of laser projection with SL Laser projectors is reflected in their worldwide success. Take a look at the number and locations of our sales partners.

Companies all over the world project construction plans, templates and assembly points with the laser projectors. With this network, even distant locations are no problem for the ProDirector XS 2 mobile. Depending on your position in your company, we can provide you with some arguments for your purchasing team or other decision-makers. If you are interested in laser projection with a device from SL Laser, simply download our brochure. The types of possible applications for mobile or static use can be found here.

Are you now also interested in information about our offers? You can find the description of ProDirector 6 here

The ProDirector XS2 mobile in use

The core of the ProDirector XS 2 mobile is formed by a diode-pumped solid-state laser whose beam is directed onto the surfaces via two scanner mirrors. The flash-like back and forth movement of the laser beam creates the optical impression of a still image during projection. You can call in the ProDirector XS 2 mobile for virtually any production step.

These mobile laser projectors can project the laser onto surfaces from virtually any point in the room and can be retrofitted at any stage of the job. The ProDirector 6 and the ProDirector XS2 mobile are identical in terms of electronics and thus perform the same based on the same data.

The XS2 mobile is therefore perfect for situations in which, for example, different tools have to be used that cannot be placed under one and the same laser projector. Then the projector comes with the tool. For projection in the 2D range, the laser works on flat surfaces and uses a uniform Z-value. In the 3D area, e.g. for projection on curved surfaces, important reference points are taken from the drawing and marked with reflective targets on the surfaces to be processed.

The ProDirector XS 2 mobile calibrates itself via the reflection of the laser beam and adjusts itself automatically. This method is mainly used in aircraft or helicopter construction or also in ship hulls.

The ProDirector XS2 mobile laser projector in many countries

All over the world, thousands of SL Laser projectors are in daily use for projection, proving their worth under the toughest conditions. Companies and employees are highly satisfied with the reduction of error margins on the one hand and the savings in material and working time on the other. Thus, the devices clearly contribute to cost optimisation and a corresponding competitive advantage.

With the help of sample calculations, it can be well proven in many example cases that a ProDirector represents a profitable investment. We will be happy to provide you with references and information from our satisfied customers upon request.

System specifications

  • Positioning accuracy
    ± 0.35mm with a projection surface of 4.5 x 4.5m² and 4 m distance (corresponds to 60 °)
  • Projection field
    Horizontal: max. 80° Vertical: max. 70°
  • Laser
    max. output power: 5 mW (opt. 50 mW), red: 635nm laser diode, green: 532nm diode-pumped solid-state laser
  • Laser class
    International: Class 2M according to IEC/EN 60825-1:2015-07 CE -certified, USA: Class IIIa according to 21CFR 1040 (CDRH)
  • Power supply
    24 DCV rechargeable battery or optionally with mains adapter
  • Dimensions
    Length 336 mm, width 117 mm, height 180 mm, weight 6.5 kg

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