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* The positioning laser suitable for industrial enviroments. *


The „Positioning laser“ combines sturdy durability and reliable accuracy in a versatile alignment laser. SL Positioning laser modules consist of a laser diode, optics and driver electronics constructed in a rugged isolated housing. A wide range of applications include the positioning of tools, fixtures and materials and the alignment of instruments and machines.



Compact design, electrically isolated housing, constant output power, wide temperature range for operation and storage


Alignment and measurement, wood processing, machinery manufacturing, OEM integration  


Product data green

Colour/Wavenlegth      Diode power   Max. Output  Focusable      Optics      Laser Class 
green/520 nm 10 mW < 1 mW  yes    Line 2M
green/520 nm 10 mW < 1 mW  yes    Cross 2M
green/520 nm 50 mW < 5 mW  yes    Line 3R
Line generator for line  length 10°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°


Product data red

Colour/Wavenlength   Diode power   Max. Output  Focusable     Optics     Laser Class 
red 10 mW < 1 mW  yes    Line 2M
red 10 mW < 1 mW  yes    Cross 2M
Line generator for line  length  10°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°



Mechanical    housing anodised aluminium, dimensions (mm) Ø 30 x 88.5mm, weight 300g incl. cable leads
Optics line or cross, homogeneous line
Optical properties green laser diode output: 10 mW / 50 mW, wavenlength 520nm (green), lifetime: > 20.000 h 
Optical properties red laser diode output:: 10 mW,  wavenlength 635nm (red), lifetime: > 20.000 h
Laser Class Class 2M, 10 mW (Class 3R, 50 mW) EN 60825-1:2015-07, IEC60825-1, EN76-2, 21CFR 1040, CE
Inspection and safety temperature range 0°C... +50°C, IP 65, max. shock 4 g
Electrical Values Voltage 16-33 VDC (+)bn (-)bl (PE)gb/gn, Input 1 W, Cable length 5 m
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