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Textile industry

Laser systems for textile industry applications


For leather-cutting the skin needs to be positioned before cutting with the water-jet.

Hot Air Balloons, Sails, Shades / Awnings, Furniture Coverings

No business can afford time-consuming assembly procedures. For many years our well-proven solutions have been extremely effective on an extensive array of assembly processes. Laser outlines are projected on the surface are directly generated from CAD drawings the OEM's software. This makes the work procedures highly visible to the operator. With a SL-Laser projection system, you can achieve productivity increases of up to 100%. The laser systems are adapted to meet your individual needs and thus optimize your production processes. Errors are eliminated and industrial rejects are minimized, thereby guaranteeing repeatable quality.  

Pool Covers and Solar Blankets

For these applications, the operator has the option to show the pre-cut parts with the laser and to position these parts on the right place.
The advantage of that projection with the ProDirector laser is that the operator is working precise and fast. There is no need for  manually measuring.

Pool Liners

Positioning in milling, cutting and engraving 

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